State of Illinois Reduces Filing Fees for Limited Liability Company (LLC)

December 20, 2017

CHICAGO – Signed today by Gov. Bruce Rauner, Senate Bill 867, sponsored by state Sen. Thomas Cullerton (D-Villa Park) and state Rep. Carol Sente (D-Buffalo Grove), reduces filing fees for LLCs. Noteworthy reductions are the Articles of Organization from $500 to $150, and the Annual Report, from $250 to $75.

Full press release by Secretary of State can be found here.
The Secretary of State website,, and the official Twitter account for the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State.
Bill status page for IL SB 867.

Blog Birthday-ish

This short blog post was originally published on on September 22, 2011. I’m sharing it as a #thisdayinhistory. It’s interesting to see how much or little I’ve grown as a person. The old wordpress site was taken down so I figured I’d put them here to live. Enjoy.


Blog Nominated for Dreamiest Awards

Dear Readers,
Ahhhhhhhhh!!! *ahem* I’m pretty excited because my blog is a finalist for the Dreamiest Awards under Dreamiest Personal Blog/Website. I would highly ask that you vote for it. To vote, visit the contest site and click the vote button. Then click my website thumbnail for my blog under “Dreamiest Personal Blog/Website.”

Dreamhost, a domain registration, web hosting and cloud services company in California is hosting their first website awards open to their 400,000  users that they service. The users could nominate their websites. This blog is one of the finalists.

This is one of the coolest things that has happened in the short lived time of my blog. I’ve blogged on and off on different websites since 2001. That’s 15 years. Years of “maybe I’ll update the blog later.” But towards the end of this year I decided that if I’ve been interested for this long, it probably wasn’t going to change anytime soon and I should probably give it the time and attention it already took up in my mind.

What this reminded me of was all of the exemplary people in my life that demonstrate everyday what it looks like to chase after something you desire.

From those friends close to home, like Sean and Rachael Pankuch, to my friends all over the world in the Rocking Productivity Academy, led by Jeff Sanders. Thank you.

I’ve got quite a few more blog posts coming up in the next few weeks so keep a look out.

This is only a milestone but I would sincerely been honored if you took the time to vote for my blog. To vote, visit the contest site and click the vote button. Then click my website thumbnail for my blog under “Dreamiest Personal Blog/Website.”

Feel free to let me know via social media that you voted!

Thanksgiving Friday

Yesterday many families across the U.S. celebrate Thanksgiving. It was a great time to reflect on everything to be thankful for. This year, I’d like to thank:

  • My God
  • My husband
  • My Family
  • The Fans and Supporters for our family business.

Thank you for all you do and all your belief. Pretty short, but sometimes you just don’t know how to say it.

A special shout-out to the Ferguson’s for hosting us this Thanksgiving. Love you dearly.

Update on 30-day Social Media Challenge

I started the 30-day Social Media challenge on November 5th. The objective was, and still is, to post some type of content on any of the three locations:

HQ – aka my blog aka my home base aka where all the posts happen first… (unless their edited and then drafted and then just sit collecting dust…)

Instagram @TracyAltheide – the home of pics that you work really hard to make artsy and sometimes just hope the first filter makes it look epic.

Snapchat @Tracy.Altheide – the place where all funny faces are welcomed. Seriously: weird ones, fun ones, pretty ones, bored ones. It’s all good.

So how is it going?

Well, I think I’ve only missed one day cuz I thought I had already posted. >_< Whatever. If so, I will amend this challenge or start over.

This challenge has made me way more creative and brought me back to my roots *stomps on hardwood floor* The love for the arts. And it lets me be funny.

Not that I’m like super funny, just a little funny. ok like a chuckle funny. But it’s still something. 😉

Tune in tomorrow. A daily post… somewhere… everyday by midnite♧ or your $ back.

(♧11:59pm, most nights)

My Introductory Post

You as the reader may be wondering a lot of things, but one question I want to answer for you is: What is this website about and why was it created?

Colorful balloons with happy celebration

Colorful balloons with happy celebration

Simple. I’ve been blessed to have so many wonderful people share little nuggets of wisdom. I wanted to be able to do the same; pass along the information to those that are hungry to be a better version of themselves everyday.