Say Hi to Someone Everyday in Your Work Bubble

So I recently started working at a headquarter. Yeah, sounds fancy but have no fear, because this girl is so not fancy. You have anything to worry about, reader. Nowhere will there be mention of complicated excel sheets and whatcha-ma-call-it territories. *small chuckle*

The funniest thing is that for a big place with so many opportunities to interact with other folks, I notice that most people keep to themselves and their assigned groups. They may branch out to different floors or partnering departments, but most nearby cubicles folks just keep to themselves and pound away at their keyboard.

Now, please understand that I respect their strong job ethic. They’re focused on their work. But what I’m saying is, if you meet someone in the common areas, compliment. Say hi and even introduce yourself. Make someone laugh. Go out of your way and if it’s awkward, embrace it. (But please learn to accept yourself first before reaching out to others, otherwise you may take the person’s reaction personally. Another article for another time.)

You don’t know people’s stories and what their going through. A small gesture of kindness, even if not demonstrated right away, can have such an uplifting spirit for that person. I interact and make it a point to remember people’s first names. This week specially, it’s been fun and silly to do so because half of the time I’m either gently blown off or sincerely thanked. And you know what? I could care less of those who don’t embrace because it’s worth every effort when I get someone to smile.

Blog Nominated for Dreamiest Awards

Dear Readers,
Ahhhhhhhhh!!! *ahem* I’m pretty excited because my blog is a finalist for the Dreamiest Awards under Dreamiest Personal Blog/Website. I would highly ask that you vote for it. To vote, visit the contest site and click the vote button. Then click my website thumbnail for my blog under “Dreamiest Personal Blog/Website.”

Dreamhost, a domain registration, web hosting and cloud services company in California is hosting their first website awards open to their 400,000  users that they service. The users could nominate their websites. This blog is one of the finalists.

This is one of the coolest things that has happened in the short lived time of my blog. I’ve blogged on and off on different websites since 2001. That’s 15 years. Years of “maybe I’ll update the blog later.” But towards the end of this year I decided that if I’ve been interested for this long, it probably wasn’t going to change anytime soon and I should probably give it the time and attention it already took up in my mind.

What this reminded me of was all of the exemplary people in my life that demonstrate everyday what it looks like to chase after something you desire.

From those friends close to home, like Sean and Rachael Pankuch, to my friends all over the world in the Rocking Productivity Academy, led by Jeff Sanders. Thank you.

I’ve got quite a few more blog posts coming up in the next few weeks so keep a look out.

This is only a milestone but I would sincerely been honored if you took the time to vote for my blog. To vote, visit the contest site and click the vote button. Then click my website thumbnail for my blog under “Dreamiest Personal Blog/Website.”

Feel free to let me know via social media that you voted!

Dear Consistent Coffee Couple

Although we’ve never personally met, I feel like I appreciate you from a far. You are the lovely couple that walks every morning to get, what I can only assume is a coffee at the local shop. It may be tea or hot chocolate, but every morning, around the same time, there you go.

I want to share my appreciation for your consistency as another commuter friend sharing in the morning routine. Keep on enjoying your morning walks.

–I used to be so focused on myself and getting “the day started” that I didn’t notice this couple until earlier this summer. But that’s the funny thing. If we just take a one moment or two, we can learn to appreciate the little things in our lives that make our days interesting. Or even better, we can start to see the people around us and dare I say, interact with one another. Say hello or good morning.–

P.S. I’ve learned to say good morning to the early birds at the gym. It still throws some people off. I do it anyway because it sends off good vibes.

30-Day Paper System Challenge

Testing out my Action Notebook

If you’re a paper person that can’t seem to embrace electronic planners and task managers, embrace it. Test it out a paper note-taking system for a set period of time instead of fighting to adopt your electronic routine. There couldn’t be a better time than year-end to do a personal challenge and work out the kinks during this holiday season and perhaps even get caught up on those stale tasks.

Last week I asked an online Facebook Group that I’m a part of, if they kept digital or paper calendars. A few folks that said both but the majority said paper. It may have been a small sample size but it encouraged me to embrace what I had been fighting all this year.

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My Action Notebook

and what I used to create it

In the spirit of reflection and change, I created my “Action Notebook.” It’s a letter size blend between a Passion Planner and a Bullet Journal. If you don’t already have a paper note-capturing system, see if this may be for you or could inspire you to create your own.

The Notebook. I used a disc-bound notebook because I felt that would be the most flexible in case I wanted small changes along the way. I already one notebook with lined paper and hole puncher that we’re not in used. OfficeDepot a great disc-bound system with hard cover options. At the time of this writing, they even have a limited-edition white hard-cover notebook on sale. However, you don’t have to buy a whole new binder system. You can also do this with any empty planner binder or a general mini-three ring binder.

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It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect

I stumbled on a YouTube Video about minimalism and the KonMari Method. A few instructional videos later on how to fold my laundry, and a pile of pants were on my bed waiting to be turned into little rectangle standing solders.

Now a lot of folks have read Marie Kondo’s books cover to cover, attended her presentations, or follow her on social media. Myself, none of the above. However, I did watch about 10 videos of her de-cluterring method and folding laundry. That was enough for me to give her method a try.

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*Husband walks over to Wife to hug her*

H: You smell like onions.

W: *sad face* What? I showered…

H: Maybe it’s the salad… *moves and points to to the salad at the table.*

W: I know I ran two miles but I even showered with the paradise bodywash.

H: I said it was the salad.

W: There’s a lot of paradise here… *points up and down to self*

Who will get the most out of this website?

Here’s the quick answer: The kind of person that has decided to get out of their routine and follow a new path. Welcome.

Let me explain: You are going to get the most from this website if you’re someone that’s looking to improve yourself in small steps or, are just looking for inspiration in this area.

A few years ago, I was on the same routine-driven path myself, metaphorically. I’m not even close to where I want to be and the goals that I want to hit, but I’m a lot further than were I was when I wasn’t being intentional. My goals look so much better from here. 😉

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Retail Has Humbled Me

This blog post was originally published on on November 15, 2011. I’m sharing it as a #throwbackthursday. It’s interesting to see how much or little I’ve grown as a person. The older wordpress site is going to be taken down here in a few days, so I figured I’d put them here to live. Enjoy.


You can go to two different eating establishments in the same block and each one will have a different policy on whether or not an employee can tell you, “Excuse me; we’re closed.”

Knowing that I had a coffee meeting at 8 P.M., I called ahead to P coffee place and asked what time they would close tonight. 9 P.M. Sounded reasonable. One hour and twenty-one minutes into the conversation, and I notice an employee starting to mop. I keep that in the back of my mine. As she gets closer towards my area, I ask “Excuse me, what time to you close?” “9.” Looking down at my phone, “Oh, I’m sorry to keep you waiting.” My coffee friend and I exit and look for another open location to continue our conversation. We find a fast food establishment just a couple of feet away. We walk in and order at W fast food.

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Can you get rid of 5 things today?

I’ve been working on decluttering and heading towards a more minimalist lifestyle. No, my apartment is not stark white and empty (yet) but I am looking forward to the day were my piles of items/paper are a thing of the past. *models like Vanna White the empty glass desk in front me* Just kidding, I don’t have a glass desk. I would probably run into it.

For now, I’ve made it a mission to get rid of 1 to 5 things on a weekly basis, with the goal of turning it into a daily habit. Whatever doesn’t have a place, isn’t useful, and I don’t love, it’s gone. Why? Because for me, I’m just come to a point where if it’s just going to collect dust, it doesn’t need to be in my life. I’m just tired of “Someday I’ll…” and “Maybe I can use it later for…” excuses. I just want to move on and be content with what I own at the moment.

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