30-Day Paper System Challenge

Testing out my Action Notebook

If you’re a paper person that can’t seem to embrace electronic planners and task managers, embrace it. Test it out a paper note-taking system for a set period of time instead of fighting to adopt your electronic routine. There couldn’t be a better time than year-end to do a personal challenge and work out the kinks during this holiday season and perhaps even get caught up on those stale tasks.

Last week I asked an online Facebook Group that I’m a part of, if they kept digital or paper calendars. A few folks that said both but the majority said paper. It may have been a small sample size but it encouraged me to embrace what I had been fighting all this year.

Update on 30-day Social Media Challenge

I started the 30-day Social Media challenge on November 5th. The objective was, and still is, to post some type of content on any of the three locations:

HQ – tracyaltheide.com aka my blog aka my home base aka where all the posts happen first… (unless their edited and then drafted and then just sit collecting dust…)

Instagram @TracyAltheide – the home of pics that you work really hard to make artsy and sometimes just hope the first filter makes it look epic.

Snapchat @Tracy.Altheide – the place where all funny faces are welcomed. Seriously: weird ones, fun ones, pretty ones, bored ones. It’s all good.

So how is it going?

Well, I think I’ve only missed one day cuz I thought I had already posted. >_< Whatever. If so, I will amend this challenge or start over.

This challenge has made me way more creative and brought me back to my roots *stomps on hardwood floor* The love for the arts. And it lets me be funny.

Not that I’m like super funny, just a little funny. ok like a chuckle funny. But it’s still something. 😉

Tune in tomorrow. A daily post… somewhere… everyday by midnite♧ or your $ back.

(♧11:59pm, most nights)