Can you get rid of 5 things today?

I’ve been working on decluttering and heading towards a more minimalist lifestyle. No, my apartment is not stark white and empty (yet) but I am looking forward to the day were my piles of items/paper are a thing of the past. *models like Vanna White the empty glass desk in front me* Just kidding, I don’t have a glass desk. I would probably run into it.

For now, I’ve made it a mission to get rid of 1 to 5 things on a weekly basis, with the goal of turning it into a daily habit. Whatever doesn’t have a place, isn’t useful, and I don’t love, it’s gone. Why? Because for me, I’m just come to a point where if it’s just going to collect dust, it doesn’t need to be in my life. I’m just tired of “Someday I’ll…” and “Maybe I can use it later for…” excuses. I just want to move on and be content with what I own at the moment.